Monday, July 25, 2011

Second date with Big Nose

This time, we agree to meet at the same place, on that Friday when we really were supposed to meet. As I answer the door I introduce myself as Sober ******. I'm going to have to give myself a code name for this...I'll ponder that later.  He laughs.  Great laugh. And cute as can be.

I tell him that I don't remember much of our last meeting, so there is a good chance that we will be having repeat questions and answers.  We decide this time it would be best to walk, not drive.  I feel bad though because he has this awful burn on his leg from softball.  But he assures me he is ok to walk. At one point he ran into a mirror of a van.  Ha.  Funny.  But it made me feel even worse.  Poor guy.

He hadn't eaten dinner that night.  I had. So the tables were turned.  He got drunk, and I was sober.  He makes me laugh because he sings along to all the cheesy 90s rap songs, and even some current ones.  He just didn't seem like the kind of guy that would know ALL the words to those songs.  I mean, I didn't even know half the words.  So he is a cute drunk. A happy cute drunk.  The best kind. 

We walk back to my place, and he holds my hand.  Which is sweet.  That usually doesn't happen with me.  Guys don't just grab my hand and hold it.  But he did.  So that was nice. It's a long walk.  That's a long time to hold hands.  And if you know me, I don't even like to be hugged.  But whatever.  It was nice.

Get back to my place...same deal. Except...this time I'm the sober one.  So it was much more fun for me to be in control.

Wake up the next morning and I see he has a full back tat.  And this could be giving out a lot of personal information by writing about this...but let's just say it was an X-Men. I tried my hardest not to laugh out loud.  And asked, is this tat what I think it is?  "Yes, you don't remember from last Friday?" Well of course not, I was smashed!  Very funny...and I want to sneak and take a pic of it...but that isn't so easy.  It was nice waking up with him there, instead of him leaving. And he didn't want to leave.  More messing around.  And it's fantastic. 

Turns out..I actually had to kick him out at 8 am because I had a date with another guy who would be there in two hours.  And I told that guy I don't kiss on the first date (AND I DON'T-except with Big Nose I did..) so you can imagine me panicking thinking they would run into each other.  So sadly, I had to push Big Nose out the door. I really want to call him by the X-men name.  I wonder if I called it out during sex if it would turn him on?  Ha.

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