Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Date with Skater.

Skater is my age.  So this is different.  Big Nose is two years older and Jock was 6 years older.  So I'm thinking, he is going to be a little more immature.

First, we agree to meet at my local bar, but he gets freaked by the hassle of the guard at the gate.  So instead, we meet at a more public bar.

I get there first.  Red Bull...no excuse me...Monster and Vodka.  Bleh.   Chat it up with bartender.  Nice guy.  very nice guy.  He takes shots with his customers.  (Is that legal?)

So Skater sends me a text, I tell him I am at the bar.  He comes in.  Hug, nice to meet you...blah blah blah.  Super cute again.  A little taller than me.  Relatively skinny.  Which in my book is kind of a turn off.  But we get to talking.  He has a daughter.  8?  So he had her before he was legal to drink.  Eek.  He was in the Navy, but out now.  Living on the GI Bill...going to school.  Ok..sounds good.  We talk about our interests.  We get on the subject of books.  (And you probably aren't thinking I'm well read because my grammar is crap...but I am.)  He has read a lot of the same books I have.  We get into talking about The Dark Tower series and Anna Frank, and Dean Koontz and the classics.  He doesn't have cable..(neither do I).  He reads.  And sees his daughter every other weekend.  Oh and skater, because that's what he says he is. 

I like him.  A lot.  So far, best conversation I've had on a first date.  The whole reading thing.  It's a turn on.  It really is.  I love a guy that can just sit down and read.  Honestly haven't met a lot of them...

We talk about how we both love to hike.  We go ahead and make plans to do a 14er the next Sunday.  Sweet!  I explain to him that because we are both smokers (few more days until my quit date)..that we need to find the easiest one.  Told my dad about this and he said he did the easiest one and gave up half way through.  Ouch.  And he doesn't smoke.  

After his two beers he says he probably can't have anymore.  He says he has to be up early for work.  So I say we should get going.  Walk to the parking lot.  He has a truck, similar to my beast.  ANOTHER huge turn on.  A guy who drives a truck.  I understand in the next year or two, it won't be a turn on because they are a money pit.  But still.  And it's soooo similar to MINE.  Score!  I hug him, say goodnight drive safe, blah blah blah.  No kiss!  :)

As I pull into my apartment complex, I get a text.  "Nice to meet you...Wish you would've invited me over to hang out more though."

Me: What do you mean?
Skater: Just that...Seems like you ran away pretty quickly.
Me: No! I didn't. I thought we hit it off great!
Skater: Ok good...
Me: Were you looking to get lucky? ;)
Skater: Well I wouldnt turn you down.. EVER! But that isn't what I meant.
Me: Haha.
Skater: Were you looking to get lucky?  I'm not just a piece of meat ya know.. ;P
Me: haha. Oh I was all about get laid! lol Looking forward to Sunday.
Skater: Me too...
Me: drive safe and I look forward to talking to you again.

I mean COME ON.  I'm sure he was looking to get laid.  But we continued with our plans for the 14er.....until...I found out about the Wine Festival happening on Saturday.  No way I could do that hike with a hangover.  So I tell him that I would love to hang out again, but maybe just dinner.  He agrees.

Yea well.  I text him Sunday..through my hangover.  I'm going to tough it out, because this one READS.  He responds.  Then I ask if we are still on for dinner.  NO RESPONSE.  Really?  Ugh. I guess no second date with Skater.  Sucks.  He was cute and well read and responsible and drove a truck.  Ah well.  More dates to write about...

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