Monday, July 25, 2011

First Date with Big Nose

Let me first start by saying I will never give out anyone's real name or information.

So, my first date with Big Nose.

We had planned on meeting in a week, on a Friday at my local cafe/bar.  But on the Friday before, I discovered how many nice men there are in Denver willing to buy a girl a shot.  Well, several Red Bull and Vodkas and many many shots later, I sent Big Nose a text.  I wish I had saved those texts, because according to him, they were very hard to decipher. I ended up asking him to come meet me that night instead a week from then.  He agreed, and somehow managed to find me through my typos via text.

We meet.  Big Nose.  Not so big big that it is unattractive.  Just a big nose.  And amazing hair. Amazing dark thick hair.  I see him and give him a hug. He is my height...maybe an inch, half an inch taller (so he lied on his profile?  Or I don't know my real height.) I believe we went to a private area to talk and drink some more.  I found out later that I spilled my whole life story to him in that sitting, and he pretty much did the same thing.  That's a big no-no in my book.  But I blame it on the shots.

At some point I ended up kissing him.  I'm sure he was grosed out because I am a smoker (currently on the path to quit-woohoo!!).  So as the night ended he said he would follow me home to make sure I got in alright.  Well, he did.  But he didn't leave at the door.  I pulled him in...and well things got heated.  He said he had to leave around 2am maybe, and I thought, eh. OK.  A one nighter.  Not really my style (I say that grinning..and laughing, becuase I won't happens).

I'm in target shopping the next morning, when he sends me a text.  "Mornin"  whoa.  Shocker. I had to ask him a few questions about what happened because I couldn't remember all the details.  But, he said he wanted to get together again.  Hmm...not a typical guy in my opinion, at least not from experience.  I agreed to the second date....which I will write about more the stories just get better and better from Big Nose.

My advice girls: don't drink and text.  I want an app on my phone that asks me a series of questions to find out how drunk I am.  If I am over the legal limit-it won't let me text a dude. And obviously don't drink and drive.  He said I was doing 50 in a 25.  Thank god I didn't get busted for that.

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