Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Third Date with Big Nose

"Attraction is not a choice." David DeAngelo

Big Nose is a fun guy.  And I'm very attracted to him.  It isn't really physical attraction.  He isn't a hunk or anything.  But he is confident and funny and charming.  His profile even says it.

I invite him to a wine festival.  The day of, he freaks because he remembers he has a ride to do the next morning.  So he promises to sip only a few, and drive us back. Ok..

When he comes in, I immediately kiss him.  Couldn't help it.  Just had to.  But I do manage to play it cool the whole day.  Or so I think.  We drive to the festival...maybe 30-45 minutes.  Talk about all kinds of things that I don't even remember.  But he keeps making me laugh.  And I am deciding I like this guy.  Even with his full back weird tattoo.

We get to the festival, taste a few, then run into my uncle and aunt.  I can only imagine how awkward that must have been for him.  But he played it cool.  We stayed for about 3 hours.  I of course, enjoyed all the wine I could get my hands on.  We decide to leave, but maybe he should eat first.  Of course the vendors don't have credit card machines like the wine sellers do.  So no food there.  My aunt even tried to give us cash which was strange and awkward.  She clearly had more to drink than I did.

We end up eating at the outlet mall.  Eh. I opened my big fat mouth and said I enjoy his company.  But I have said it more than once..ya know how people like to repeat themselves after some wine.  He said something along the lines of , "We are both in a place where we are recovering from previous relationships."  I ignored the next part.  He could have said , "We should keep this casual." Or he could have said, "I have to take it slow."  Whatever it was, I ignored it.  I do find out that his ex started seeing someone right after the divorce.  Maybe he isn't over her.  Because I'm learning too much about her. 

Drive back to my place, conversation is great again.  He makes me laugh over and over.  He tells me he is a karaoke freak. Awesome!  If he sings anything like he did the last time I saw him, I want to see it again!  It was hilarious.  Making a complete fool of yourself, with no hesitation.

Back to my apartment, have some fun before we decide to hit the pool.  It was good, really good. So good, I had to wait a while to recover from it.  He is a very giving man.

Hit the pool.  Drink some wine.  He has something on his trunks (oh and we aren't getting in the pool because it is over run by a family of 40), so he walks over to the water, does like a side plank move, wets his hand and rubs the stain out.  There is clearly muscle I don't know about.  Turns out he does the P90X thing.  He tells me his ex had an issue with him being so muscular.  We then spooned or whatever, his muscle put her head in an uncomfortable position. WHAT!? He he let himself go...for her.  WHAT?!  No wonder it ended in divorce.  He tells me that there is a yoga DVD to this P90X thing, so of course I start grilling him about what kinds of poses there are.  He does know what he is talking about.  However, it doesn't end with corpse pose.  I find that weird.  That's what yoga is all about.  You work to cleanse your body, and then relax.  The relaxing is the best part.  It clears your mind and opens your heart.  P90x.  Pff..

We decide this family of 40 is too much.  So we hit the local bar (rolling eyes).  He eats, and orders drinks.  We talk.  I find out he doesn't do PDA.  So I tease him about that.

Walking back to the apartment, I find out that him and his ex have joint custody of the dogs.  She typically keeps the one that she would go on runs with.  (So she was allowed to be athletic, but not him).  He shows me pictures of the dogs.  And I say I would love to meet his.  Husky.  Looks like my former Alaskan Malamute.

He leaves early that night.  1am maybe.  He thinks I'm upset about him leaving, but I assure him its ok.  He can't miss his ride in the morning.  He tells me karaoke on Thursday. Then says, "Maybe."  sigh.  Ok.


Text him the next day, telling him hope he has a nice ride and a good work week.  He tells me we will "play it by ear" about our plans.  Today is Wednesday.  I'm thinking there won't be a fourth date with Big Nose.  I'm not texting or calling him. Let him come to me.  I shouldn't have sent that text.  I regret it.  Obviously makes me look eager.

This could be a good thing.  Because I do like him.  And if he isn't ready, or won't be ready for while to get involved with someone, then I don't want to see him again.  I'll just keep liking him more.  And I know how I am.  When I like someone, I LIKE them.  Not like falling in love or anything.  But its rare for me to develop feelings for people.  And I can see it happening with this one.

I will keep you posted about a fourth date. Even though, I think I already know.

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