Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Driving Trip with Big Nose

Change is never easy, you fight to hold on, and you fight to let go. The Wonder Years

There are a few expectations I had for Colorado.  #1: Denver is so large, you aren't going to run into people you know all the time.  Specifically, people you have slept with. 

So much for that expectation.  I was driving to see my aunt for an evening concert in the park.  I have to leave pretty early to somewhat avoid traffic.  Although, to be honest, I never can avoid it. 

I'm driving along..when BAM.  Traffic.  It comes to a stop.  Fine...whatever.  I have my music....There is an SUV in front of me, with a familiar turtle sticker.  I think, "Hmm, I've seen that before.  Wait, I've been in that car before."  Oh shit.  It's him.  Big Nose.  Really?!  He doesn't live around here.  He doesn't work around here.  What the hell??  Out of all the people I could see?!  There is so much traffic that I am sure I can lose him, without him noticing me. 

Hopeful thinking.

At one point, I've passed him, and then he passes me.  SHIT.  I watched him, and he was clearly looking in his rear view mirror.  I passed him again, thinking, "Ok, this is it, I'm going to lose him."  Nope.  I watched with horror as the lane to my left sped up, while my lane slowed down.  He passed me again, looking in his rear view mirror.  He is relatively short, so I know when he has to sit all the way up in his seat and lean forward, he is checking out the rearview mirror.  It made me nervous when I rode with him.  I wanted to scream, "JUST ADJUST THE MIRROR!" 

"Yes, dumbass, it's me.  No doubt about it.  How many people do you see driving around with NC plates??"  This continued for at least 20 minutes, maybe longer.  It sure did feel longer.  I passed him.  He passed me.  All the while, I pretended not to notice him.  But, he clearly knew it was me.  I could feel his eyes burning holes in me. 

To my point:

He is the one that blew me off.  Not me.  HIM.  I'm not going to wave and smile, and act like everything is OK.  Because its not.  He blew me off.  I don't play. My aunt and I actually had a conversation about people who are unreliable.  She asked me, 'How come you always come when you say you will, but my other friends don't?"  Easy answer, "One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone blows me off.  So, I'm not about to do it to someone else."

I'm thrilled.  "It's a great hair day.  I feel skinny.  My make up looks great.  I'm wearing my sexy sunglasses. I look hot.  So take that, Big Nose!  You are missing out!" 

I finally took my exit, losing him.....

How is it possible that I can run into people I know, in this massive city?!  I mean, COME ON!  Give me a break.  I had finally forgotten about him...and then BAM.  He's there. 

The article from earlier today put things into perspective though.  I've let go of him, of that bar.  I'm flying now.  No going back.  No going back, trying to grab that bar.  It's gone.  And if I try to reach for it, I will surely fall....and I'm not willing to fall.  I'm waiting for the next bar....   

Peace out Big Nose. 


  1. Awkward, isn't it? Especially since you were playing leapfrog in traffic for such a long time. Sometimes I imagine God as a benevolent but mean-spirited kid who likes to set up these types of situations just to see how we'll react.

    And he's a big fan of irony.


  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha oh man I feel your pain.

    One time I was in the grocery store buying milk and I saw my ex boyfriend. I ducked and hid behind the magazine rack.

    I startled the little old lady behind me. Poor thing.

  3. If thats how you felt...imagine how he must've been feeling.

    I hate it when i get into situations where i cant run away haha, a car & traffic is THE worst for that!

  4. At least you were in a car. I ran into an a guy I used to F at Best Buy, I just about hit the deck. Suddenly the bottom row of overpriced crap was real interesting.